Saturday, December 4, 2010


When we said we would take Legend from the shelter, we were told there was another there. A little girl whose owner turned her in after having her a month. She was afraid Coco Bean would bite her child. So, she put Coco Bean in a crate. I hate crates. I think they have their purpose and they are okay short term, or at night for dogs to sleep in. But, I can't stand for dogs to be put in crates when they aren't convenient to have out-- when owners are at work all day. REALLY, would you want to be locked up with no water or food or ability or move around and play and exercise for hours on end. NO. (I know-- I got myself started on crates-- but they are so misused.)
So, we took Legend AND Coco Bean. She is here in my kitchen, visiting with the dogs at my house.
She looks like a little Cranberry-- you know, my alpha female Peke! But, Coco Bean is nicer. :-)
Here she is with Legend-- he does fine with other dogs, too.
Max and Scooter are checking her out. "She looks like Cranberry, but she's smaller. And she doesn't seem as bossy as Cranberry. We're very confused."
And off they go-- no threat from Coco Bean. And she watches them walk away.
Coco Bean is about 18 months old, very puppy-like. Our vet said she couldn't be any older. She is spayed, house trained, 14 pounds and VERY sweet!! If you are interested in her, just email


lady jicky said...

Oh she is a cute girl and what did Ms Cranberry think of her Linda?

I hate crates too ! As you say, if a dog is sick etc well but .... to stuff one in it all day is just shocking!
So happy you have her and I hope for a great home soon :)

Mary Elizabeth said...

Brandy loves being in a crate... at night, when she's sleeping. Did I mention we took the door off and it's more like a little den? ;-) That's the only kind of crate we'll EVER have in our house.

emilyp said...

I despise crates makes me so angry to hear of people keeping dogs in crates all day long:(

On the flip side..Coco is absolutely adorable and could seriously be Newmie's little sister!

Linda said...

I'm not opposed to crates when they are used correctly. A lot of dogs LOVE to rest in them, or sleep in them at night. No problem. I'm against extended use of them during the day.

emilyp said...

Alot of dogs love crates as dens, it is like their safe area. When Newmie was a baby his safe area was behind the toilet in the bathroom:p
To explain, when I would leave the apartment I would put a babygate up at the bathroom door that connected with our bedroom He would watch tv and relax in the became like his crate I suppose, lol.