Friday, December 24, 2010


Kenzo and Moi Moi want to wish us Merry Christmas. It's hot in Australia for Christmas-- their winter is during our summer.
But, they also wanted to tell us that they have a new baby!!! Their mom's granddaughter and grandson are in this picture. Aren't they precious! Melinda, what kind of "Bit" name can we come up with for your grandkids!? :-)
So, Moi Moi and Kenzo will have more to love this Christmas. Nothing better than more grandkids!
Moi Moi is beside herself with excitement!!!
She's contemplating what she can give them for Christmas.
And Kenzo is promising that he'll be good! He wants good presents-- not coal. We believe you Kenzo. You are a great dog-- just full of energy. MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM MELINDA, KENZO, AND MOI MOI IN AUSTRALIA!!


lady jicky said...

Oh what a shock I got! LOL

Yes - My husband Steve, Kenzo who is trying to be good for Santa and little Moi plus myself wish all of our Pekie Friends at Linda's wonderful "Must love Peke's" blog a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS .
I wish a loving home for all the dogs around the world in shelters and especially your Pekes Linda :)
* As for the "bits" - I am at a loss LOL .

emilyp said...

Merry Christmas Melinda, Moi Moi and Kenzo!! Congrats on the new additions:)

Karin said...

Your grandson and granddaughter are adorable, Melinda! I love Moi Moi and Kenzo's haircuts! Beautiful pictures ~ Merry Christmas!