Saturday, March 30, 2019


 Camp Runamuck is a very busy place.  Paddington can attest to that!
 There are dogs all over-- toys all over, too.
 Piper and Paddington (before his surgery) adore each other.
 Max is an old gentleman so he pretty much ignores them all, and just rests.
 The "twins" love the ottoman so they can survey the squirrels. 
 We go outside a lot-- Paddington and Piper love to go down by the small creek and watch for ducks.   They visit a lot since the ducks are back there a lot now.
 We don't just play here-- we bathe here!  LOL 
 Yesterday was bath day-- so we had lots of wet towels.  It was so nice outside that they could go to the porch and shake off the water.  Of course, they were all blown dry.   Minnie, with her PTSD is  like blowing a squirrel dry.  She moves and yells-- I'm sure the neighbors think there's a crime happening.  I have to do her in stages.  Poor girl.
 Then, it's back to street watching out the front.  Yesterday was trash day-- so of course, they had to get ready to yell at them.
 "Are they coming?!  We're ready!"  (This is Piper's favorite spot.)
 Back outside, it was playtime with the Bits.
 Cardboard boxes make great houses--for Bits and Poppy (my husband) and dogs!
 Each day has lots to do-- eye drops, special meds.   Taking care of post-surgery dogs.  And housetraining-- yep, I'm housetraining Piper and Paddington.  They are improving.
 I think Minnie forgave me for her bath.  She is so sweet, but things can set her off. 
It's a normal day at Camp Runamuck.   Bits, Dogs, and of course, toys.   We are never bored here!


LadyJicky said...

Oh Linda.... Max is such an old boy now! I was very surprised at his photo.

Looks like your weather is improving .... good for baths!

Yum Yum had one (a bath ) a couple of days ago when it was warm.... today is a very cool and rainy (Yeah) autumn day .... you can feel winter on its way :(

Lost Earring said...

Camp Runamuck is certainly a very busy place. Sugar Bit sick, lots and lots of Pekes in several health conditions requiring dispensing medications multiple times during the day.

Then comes baths and blow drying and continued potty training for the Twins.

I get dizzy thinking about it.