Tuesday, March 12, 2019


 Royal Canin is a dog food brand that I have used for years.  I trust their product and they now have a new bag recycle program. 
 Starlight was always on Royal Canin for bladder health. 
Kai Kai has allergies and stomach issues, so he is on HP food, hydrolized protein, which helps his allergies and his sensitive tummy.
 Many of my foster Pekes and my own Pekes have had bladder infections, stones, and/or crystals.  This Royal Canin food is one I have used a LOT.   
 Max and Chumley use this one, too.  Chumley has so many allergies and also takes a cytopoint shot every 6 weeks.  He has had HGE (hemorrhagic  gastroenteritis)  four times, but has done so well lately.   Controlling his diet has been a huge help. 
 Royal Canin has begun a recyling program.   All of their bags are now recyclable.   My vet has chosen our rescue as a point of turn in for these bags.  There is a Tara Cycle bin there.   If you use any Royal Canin food, you can save your bags and bring them to the picnic and I will take them to my vet.   By doing that, our rescue can get funds for the bags that are turned in .  You can also look up a Tara Cycle site near you.  About TerraCycle · TerraCycle
 Piper and Paddington are on this food-- Paddington on the S.O. food and Piper on my dogs' food, HP.  They love it. 
Max encourages everyone to recycle their bags-- bring them on!

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LadyJicky said...

Royal Canin is the best ..... Coco was on it for her pancreatitis and I buy their "ordinary" food for Yum Yum now.