Monday, March 18, 2019


 Taffy Sue was a sweet, precious girl. 
 She was one of our adopted Pekes, but when her owner could no longer care for her (due to health issues), we brought Taffy back into rescue to live out her life. 
 She was a little senior girl, and she loved her small area in the family room.  The door was always open, but she could find her bed, even though she had little to no vision.
 She was a beautiful Peke when we first had her, and she enjoyed being held and loved on.
 She went to the vet when we got her, and her heart was fine.  She was deaf also, but she still has a good quality of life. 
But, last week, when she went in for a check up, her heart was not doing well.   And she went back a second day for more tests, and was worse.  She was having fainting spells and was not eating.   The vet and cardiologist felt that somehow her heart had been damaged (a torn valve was one possibility) and she was unable to breathe well.  
 Taffy Sue was with Barbara and Ty, her foster parents for only 14 weeks.  They have taken care of three forever fosters for us-- each time, they knew the time could be short, yet they opened their hearts to love them each as long as they could. 
 They enjoyed watching her toddle and waddle around, and Taffy's little nose would sniff for familiar things.  She enjoyed head rubs and then would meander off again.
Her time with them was short, but it was full of love.  I'm so grateful that she had this special love at the end of her life.   Run free now, sweet girl.  💜


LadyJicky said...

Oh dear Taffy Sue ... you lived such a short time with your Foster family but I bet you enjoyed every day !
Run free Ms Taffy Sue .... what a beautiful girl you were.

Lost Earring said...

Sweet Taffy Sue, I'm so happy you had a loving and caring home for your final days. There are many waiting at Rainbow Bridge to help you complete your journey to the land of no pain or sadness.