Saturday, March 10, 2012


Maggie, on the right, was one of my foster dogs in 2008.I picked up Maggie and her brother, Max, at a shelter near me. They had been found together. We think they were dumped by their owner. Maggie had health issues and it took a long time to get her healthy-- but she was so sweet.Maggie was adopted and I couldn't bear for Max to be without her and without us-- they had been here over ten months. So, he stayed. He's four years older now-- and getting gray. But, he still loves his ball and toys and guarding our yard.He is part of the famiily here. He's usually hanging out on his ottoman in front of the window. Maggie has a special window seat in her home, too.Maggie has a friend who came into rescue here also-- and she was at my house for awhile. She liked to be on the ottoman with Max.Maggie has an adorable underbite and is such a great dog. She loves all her dog and human friends. Hugs to you, sweet Maggie!

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