Saturday, March 3, 2012


Kai likes to curl up on the couch with me. In fact, he loves to be wherever I am. He is an extremely loyal dog. He's been this way since he came into rescue almost a year ago. I realized Kai had some health issues that meds weren't fixing. I had allergy tests done on him and he had over 25 allergies. He had so many that he has to have allergy shots. Right now, I'm giving him two shots every other day (it will lengthen out until he is finally getting them once a month I hope). It was much cheaper for me to learn to do this myself. So, I'm learned something else in rescue-- how to give shots. I was at the vet yesterday (with Starlight and Cranberry) and offered to give their rabies shots-- the vet thought I was serious, so I quickly said she could do it. :-)Why is this picture on again?He's very good about it. Gloria has encouraged me to learn how to give the shots-- and given me great tips. Several of hers get shots. Kai would rather curl up on the couch-- and here he is resting his head on Beau-Beau.(I loaded this picture and decided to add more-- and now I can't get it off, so you get to see his sweet face more than usual.)If Beau-Beau shifts, so does Kai.Starlight joined the couch napping gang. She's on Daddy's lap-- she is a Daddy's girl!They are definitely relaxed. Matt and I never get the entire couch.Kai is fine with that-- he wants his share, too.


lady jicky said...

To save money Many years ago a Vet taught me to do - Anal Glands! LOL

Yeah - I do it as its much cheaper but - what a job! LOL

May I ask Linda - why do you do injections instead of the drug Atopica ? Moi has the Atopica so I am very interested.

Linda said...

I do the shots for Kai Kai because they are actually formulated to build up his immune system against the 25 things he is allergic to. I had an allergy panel run (not cheap, but worth it) and it showed what he was allergic to and what foods he can eat that won't cause problems. But, he also has environmental allergies and so they made a serum for him. I have two bottles, so he gets a shot in each shoulder area. We are on every other day now, but will build up so he only gets the full strength serum once a month-- after we've done months of shots more often. I give him a special treat (that goes with his allergy food) after his shots. He's such a good boy. :-)