Friday, March 2, 2012


In rescue, we don't usually see puppies. We do get them, but it's not often. This little one is not from rescue. He doesn't come from a puppy store either-- he came from a reputable breeder, and his new mom sent me pictures.

His name is Ch'In Shu Pao, after the Chinese dragon god of the east. His family calls him "Ch'In", little Ch'In, Ch'In Ch'In, or the baby.

He is a happy little firecracker. His family says he is sunshine in a powder puff. He is going to be a long-coated Peke, and a beauty. He is learning about baths and face/eye cleaning.

He loves to sit on Dad's lap. He lives with a family of three adults, so there is never a lack for attention. There are two other dogs there, a Peke and a Tibetan Spaniel (rescue) and a big Ocicat. Ch'In is still so small that the other dogs aren't too sure of him, but I know that will pass quickly.

Could you resist this face? His family said this little one has cast a spell over them and "has trained them in a very short period of time." Sounds like a Peke to me!

His family said his intellligence staggers them-- I can tell this little dog does have them under his spell haha. But, Pekes are smart and love to learn. They are also stubborn, so we don't always KNOW they are learning.

Ch'In has a sweet loving nature, and as he grows, I'm sure we'll get more pictures.

For now though, I think this little puppy is ready for a nap in someone's lap. I'm sure there are three he can choose from. Sweet dreams.


lady jicky said...

Linda, as you know Moi Moi and Coco are breeding Peke's that are retired and they both want to adopt that baby !!!!

cby said...

I believe it is illegal to be that cute.

LuLu and Lolita said...

This cutie looks just like Lolita (when she was a baby)! Thanks for sharing this, brings back great memories.