Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Tina, one of our Pekes friends, adopted a few Pekes from us. Here are Dexter, Cooper and Marley.This is Dexter and Marley. Dexter was adopted from us and his mom now lives in Kentucky (a beautiful state!) with her Pekes.Dexter likes to snooze. He had a lot of Pekes to play with, so I'm sure naptime is important.Cooper was also adopted from us. He had to have his eye removed, but he figured out how to get his "wubba" in it anyway. He is the family's toy hoarder. :-)He takes naps, too, after a lot of play. He loves his grandparents-- if he sees them outside, he will cry until they come over to see him.Do they come to see you, too, Dexter? I'm sure they do.Marley is vegging out, too. Tina has one cute group of Pekes!

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lady jicky said...

Tina does have a lovely Peke trio !!