Thursday, March 22, 2012


I had Lolli-pop and Beau-Beau with me until they went to their foster home. They are good friends, but don't have to stay together. They do-- especially Lolli-pop-- need another dog to play with. Beau-Beau needs a special person the most. They will bond quickly with their person. Lolli-pop had a special red bed at my house. She decided it was just the right size for her, so I sent it with her when she went to her foster home with Kay and Claretta. She fit in it so well.You can see my Scooter kind of overflowed in it. He needs a bigger bed (and we do have a lot of choices). Why did he get in the small one?Beau-Beau is waiting for an ottoman to show up so he can look out the window. He's stretching as far as he can. Beau-Beau was watching Lolli-pop play with her bed. Her foster mom mends holes daily. :-) Lolli-pop can be a wild girl with her beds! She gets in them, on them, under them. She loves to play with them! And she does it with animated energy. She is so much fun to watch. You won't have a dull moment if she joins your family.Where did she go? Oh, she is under the bed now. She's a crazy, sweet girl. Beau-Beau is quieter and a love bug. (So is Lolli-pop.) A thunderstorm came the other day and the dogs were all looking for a safe spot. While his foster moms were closing windows and blinds, Beau-Beau was looking for his own safe spot. Tori, the Doberman,took off for the living room and curled up in "her" storm corner. Domino, a Peke, dove under an end table. Maggie, a Peke, was sitting in the hallway looking up into the half bath and then to her moms. They said she's a tattletale and that's her way of saying, "I want you to come look cause somebody's gonna be in trouble and it ain't me." So, they looked. Beau-Beau was sitting in the sink! That's not the safe spot his foster moms would have selected for him, but they laughed at his antics. It made me laugh, too, when I read about it. I do recall one storm we had here, and Beau was not a happy boy. He wanted to be held and safe. Tess, one of the resident Pekes they adopted from us, just turned eleven! Happy Birthday sweet girl!! I hope you enjoyed your cupcake. :-)

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lady jicky said...

They are both tooooooo cute!