Thursday, March 1, 2012


O Lord of humans, make my master faithful to his fellow men as I am to him. (Gizmo above is new to rescue.)

Grant that he may be devoted to his friends and family as I am to him. (Beau-Beau and Lolli-Pop are at the door.)

May he be openfaced and undeceptive as I am; may he be true to trust reposed in him as I am to his. (Lolli-pop on a windy day.)

Give him a face cheerful like unto my wagging tail. (Some of Jeanne's crew.)

Give him a spirit of gratitude like unto my licking tongue.

Fill him with patience like unto mine that awaits his footsteps uncomplainingly for hours. (Sebastian after his eye removal-- he is doing great, the swelling is down, and he is learning to play with toys-- a happy boy.)

Fill him with my watchfulness, my courage, and my readiness to sacrifice comfort or life itself. (Domino, adopted, and best friend Tori.)

Keep him always young in heart and crowded with the spirit of play, even as I. (Trio was adopted a few years ago.)

Make him as good a man as I am a dog. Make him worthy of me, his dog. (Caleb surrounded by his toys. He was one of my sweet foster dogs.)
Will Judy copyright 1927


lady jicky said...

What a beautiful group of special Peke's Linda!

lady jicky said...

What a beautiful group of special Peke's Linda !

cby said...

Love the prayer, love my little man. Thank you, Linda.