Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Brandon was an owner turn in. He is young, and timid right now. He was kept in a crate a LOT-- so much that he wore off the hair on his bottom and tail area.The owner only took him out twice a day, and fed him once a day. I can't imagine what his life was like. He is at Jeanne's for vetting and then we'll put him in a foster home. Look at that sweet face! He weighs under 12 pounds, so he needs some good food. We can do that.He is about 3 years old. He gets along with other dogs and once he knows he is loved and safe, I'm sure his real personality will bloom."Do you want to give me a home?"If I didn't have so many, I'd take you in a heartbeat-- what a little beauty. ;-)


lady jicky said...

I would take him in a heart beat too Linda!

Put him on that 707 !!! LOL
Mmmm ---- duty free :)

lady jicky said...

I would take him in a heart beat too Linda!!!
Put him on a 707 --- Mmmm -duty free! LOL

Doris Sturm said...

I fell in love with Brandon from the moment I first saw him...something in his face - his look - reminds me so much of my late Gizzy and I really want another boy so badly, it hurts!
I'm so glad you rescued him - what kind of a person would keep an animal in a crate for 3 years? That is perverse and sickening! I'm glad he's free at a young enough age where he can recuperate and enjoy the rest of his life.