Sunday, March 8, 2020


Sherry is Jaxs foster mom and is hoping to find him a new foster mom.  She wrote this.  “As Jax's foster mom, allow me to put Linda's request in context...Jax lives with 6 other dogs and 3 cats. One of the dogs is blind and 2 others are fighting cancer. 2 of the cats are @1 year old while the other cat is 17 years old. Jax is not tolerant of the blind dog walking into him. He growls at the dogs as they walk past him. The 2 dogs with cancer, both seniors with other health issues, are declining and need peace and quiet. Jax will chase the cats but has never made contact and hurt them. The same goes for the other dogs. He has not hurt either of the humans in the house. My dogs need peace and quiet, not stress, as they fight their illnesses and ailments. Jax can be very sweet but he has not left his life on the streets behind him. He is very healthy and he is potty trained. He will go to the back door and scratch it to let us know he needs to go out.. I asked Linda to make this request so that the blind dog and the 2 fighting cancer do not have to live with the stress of the growling and snarls. The layout of my house and the presence of the other pets and their habits/routine is not conducive to baby gates and closing off rooms. Believe me, I have exhausted the options.”

If you can foster or adopt Jax, please contact me at
Thank you for considering. ❤️

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LadyJicky said...

I think its a good thing that naughty Jax has to leave Sherry's home as her doggies are too old and sick and Jax is a pistol !!! lol

Mind you .... he looks sweet and so cute !
I bet someone who has owned many dogs in their life can fix him up and make him into a great guy!!!

Doing my adoption dance for Jax !!!
Mmmm.... I am dancing to the song "Born to be Wild" lol