Monday, March 2, 2020


 Kacey is part of Barbara's pack.   "Did you say sleeping dogs?"  His eyes are wide open.
 Her Peke Charley (now at the Rainbow Bridge) was a sweet one.
 Ginny is a little one who now curls up safely.   Rescue dogs have often been through a lot, but love heals so much.
 Kacey agrees. 
 Mel and Kacey curl up near each other. 
 Rosie isn't quite fitting, but she knows she is loved there and can sleep calmly.  She wasn't doing well, but has found a safe place at Barbara's.
 It's a Sleeping Peke Triangle!
 Rosie 1 (now at the Bridge) found comfort at Barbara's house-- she couldn't hear and saw very little, but she was okay with blankets and love.
Taffy, also at the Bridge, knew she was surrounded by goodness at Barbara's.  Sometimes, we take in a dog that we know will not be adoptable.  They just need a place to end their lives.  Our rescue will give them that.  We love our seniors.
 Mel woke up-- or maybe he's sleeping and dreaming of snow.  I heard we might get big snow in March.   Will we?   Mel would like that!   In the meantime, today will be in the 60s and warm.  No snow today!! 

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LadyJicky said...

So many sleeping Peke's!

Barbara has a safe and "warmy" home - just right for sensitive Pekingese :)