Friday, March 6, 2020


 So many of you responded to my "sleeping dogs" request for pictures.   I just loved it!  Here's Abigail Rose.   I love that blanket-- I have one, too. 
 Here's Annie snoring.  She was adopted from us-- she has no tail, just like Clara.
 Bella, stretched out...
 Bo has his tongue out- typical Peke. 
 And Boss follows his example.
 Our foster Jax, all covered up in his blanket.  He's available for adoption!
 His foster brother, Lucky, is snoozing, too. 
 Nicholas, Lucky's brother. 
 Here's Bucky-- also Lucky's brother.
 And here is their sister, Sugar. 
 Nicholas also lives there-- and Tribble was recently adopted.   Oh, so many hearts in one home.
 Willie looks like he's sinking into the cushions.
 Cha Cha, Poncho and Dash.  What a sweet group.
 Here's Charles aka Charlie aka Chuck aka Chuckie.......and on and on.  😃
 Charmie is super relaxed.
 Cheeto is curled up.
 Chewy was adopted from us.  He's blind and his mom said they will always adopt special needs' dogs. 
 Dexie thinks naps are wonderful. 
 Genghis Khan-- did someone wake you??
 Gizmo Sunshine (who just crossed the Rainbow Bridge)-- he's with his brother Bernie.
 Igor-- tongue out..
 Joey-- zonked out.
 Lisa's Red is trying to keep an eye out for what is going on.
 Lola doesn't have a care in the world.
 Macy, my friend's sweet Peke, just relaxes.
 Oh, Madeline Grace, another one of my fosters.  She's so sweet.  She loves her family so much and doesn't remember me a bit. LOL
 Pete is sacked out.
 Princess knew how to rest.  She crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but her mom wanted to include her sweet picture. 
 Sleepy Sammy...
Oh, Sophie.  Sophie is blind, and was one of my girls.  Her mom just loves her.
 Tessa loves the snuggle look.
 Sweet Stewart loves any soft bed.
 Thea was a puppy when she was adopted
 Tia Rose is adorable.
Toby is out of it.  
 Michelle asked if her cat could be included-- of course, my sweet friend!  ❤️
 Mollie likes lots of blankets under her. 
And Panda-- her mom and dad went to get her to help me, and Panda chose them to be her parents.   
Are you all sleepy after seeing all the tired pups-- in all their sleeping positions.  Upside down, tummy position, side sleepers, lap pups.   All the best.   All the love shows in the pictures.   I love to see that!

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LadyJicky said...

I could not pick out one for the "best photo" if you asked me to do it !! All fabulous!!

* I am STILL trying to photo Yum Yum but the camera snaps and he wakes up .Rrrrr