Wednesday, March 11, 2020


This is my word today-- hope.   I spent yesterday with Sugar Bit at the hospital after she had a major seizure.   We finally have a diagnosis  and will begin meds.  She has epilepsy and so now we know.
I'm trying to rest today-- HA!-- Clara says, "just do it."   RIGHT.  I'm trying to get a little girl out of a shelter, fold all the laundry that was left when I had to bolt to get Sugar Bit from preschool and take her to the ER.  So much for plans. 
Clara says "Come sit on the porch with me."  She decided the metal tub made a great resting place.  She makes me smile and that's good on stressful days when there is simply too much to do.  
So, I'll hold on to HOPE.  And do what I can, help those I can, and take time to sit with Clara and rest a moment.   Life moves on.   But, we can always have hope.


LadyJicky said...

Its the "not knowing" what is wrong that is hard but now you know what is happening to little Sugar Bit and , although that is such sad news - the doctors now know what can help and what cannot , her school will know what to do when it happens and I hope with medication Ms Bit will be seizure free or , at least less seizures .
I am Hoping for her along with you Linda XXX

Lost Earring said...

This is frightening news for those not familiar with the condition but once the shock wears off, it can be treated successfully.

My sister has Epilepsy and she has lived her life with medications since she was diagnosed at the age of 11 years old. I can say that she has lived her life for 65 years since being diagnosed. I know that there have been huge changes made in the medical field in that time period.

So HOPE is the operative word here and with Sugar Bit being so young when the diagnoses were determined will be a great advantage in training for taking medications and living a full life.