Saturday, March 21, 2020


 With this social isolation going on, some of you are okay with not going out.  Some are going crazy!   Are you an introvert--like me-- or an extrovert, like Paddington.   He wants to meet and greet! 
 Kai Kai-- well, he is an introvert.  He likes to hide out. 
 Patch is Abner's brother.  He wants OUT!   Where are the other dogs, the other people.  He wants to meet them all.
 Granger is not one to be confined. Nope.  In his last house, he ate part of the bathroom door to get out.  Yes he did.   Bad Granger! 
Some have said, "Pretend it's Christmas!"   Okay.  It was 88 degrees yesterday.  It's 64 today, so that's better.  But, Christmas is hard to imagine when it's too hot.  And some of you still like to be inside, on your own, or have limited interaction with others.
There are a lot of things you can do when you have to stay home.   Bake a pie.  I made a peach pie and have been nibbling on it for two days.  MMMMM.
Mitsy is a bit of an introvert.   She isn't comfortable with you until she gets to know you a little.   It doesn't take long, but she wants to know you on her terms, in her time.  Then, she comes for nuzzles, wags her tail and follows you around.
You can also watch funny videos on line, or share pictures-- this one was funny.
You can hang upside down if you want to.   If you do this, send me a picture, because I doubt that ANY of you can do it.  I can't.  This is one of my grandkids-- she is made of rubber and muscle!
Clara is fine without a crowd.  She just wants her person--ME-- and she is a happy camper.  (And yep, Clara has no tail.)
What else can you do while you are confined.   I sat (as I was teaching Beach Bit, home schooling) and pulled out all the assorted pens and pencils in my desk and on the counter (how can they be in so many places!).   This is a bit much.   So, in boredom, I checked out each one and threw out a lot.  Now I have order in my pencils and pens-- quite an achievement LOL.  I might clean my closet next.  Or not.   I might just sit (fat chance of that happening). 
Minnie is my introvert for sure.  She trusts no one but me.  I know she doesn't want anyone to touch her head, but you can pet her back, for a few seconds.  She is definitely a loner, but she does seek me out.   Maybe today, I'll sit on the porch for a few minutes-- and just do nothing.   I'm an introvert, so that would be fine.   Most of my dogs are introverts.  Piper and Paddington-- nope.  They want to know everyone.  What are you-- introvert or extrovert?  How are you handling this social distancing?   Thank goodness, we have ways to still stay in touch!!  Be Safe everyone!


LadyJicky said...

I am a introvert and so is my husband but Yum Yum is an extrovert.
He is still getting out for his late night walk with my hubby so he is happy .

I know I have jobs I can do .... making the pantry tidy - clean out my clothing cupboards, go through my cookery book and bake/cook something !! I can't get up the interest yet.

Our Australian Football is going ahead with no audience... looks strange! lol
You can go to bistro's , pubs and restaurants but you must be 2 by 2metres from another person. Only 100 or less in public spots. I would bet this will change soon.

Tasmania ... the little island on the bottom of Australia is not letting anyone in... only locals . My girlfriends daughter and her family were going to Tasmania for a holiday today but that was cancelled. Our local salmon comes from Tasmania and ... yes ... there is none in the supermarket now... no imports or exports as they are corona free and .. I do not blame them putting a"NO Go" to the Island.

My hubby and I are doing things around the house that need fixed , gardening and I am trying to be a touch "creative" with the cooking. Yes.... good luck there!! lol

Keep Calm and Cuddle a Pekingese guys!!!

nana said...

After self diagnosing, I declare myself multi-personality!!! I want what I cant have and I dont want it if I am forced to have it.... I think today I am a total mess!

RobinGail said...

I’m an introvert so staying home is fine with me, but drives Pete crazy. Gideon is an introvert as well, especially since he has lost his sight. He will bark when everyone enters the house until they speak and then he is fine. He is not fine, however, if I’m not around. He needs to be able to find me at all times. I am fine with my little shadow. It just seems normal to me, but there again I seem to relate and understand animals better than I do humans.

Expat Fledgling said...

Another introvert here. Have always thought I’d be fine on a desert island, but after 4 weeks of being isolated, 2 of which were due to governmental restrictions here in Italy, yesterday I kind of melted down. Today I’m fine, maybe it was just the news that was so upsetting. We’re looking at at least until 15 April for peak, but have been warned it may slide to 2 more weeks out. I’m getting so much done, no interruptions, don’t think the house has ever been so organized! Sammy can no longer follow me upstairs, & is having a hard time understanding why we’re out of Greenies, but since he’s my only other “person”, we are spending a lot of cuddle time together. Hooray for Peke cuddle time!

rescuegal said...

Rescuegal. Most of the time I am an extrovert as I enjoy being around people, at least people I choose to be around. But in some circumstances I am an introvert. I have no trouble staying in and am used to finding ways to entertain myself. I have a phone and a computer, plenty of books to read and craft projects to do. This too will pass and we will all move on.

rescuegal said...

Generally speaking I am an extrovert. But under some circumstances I am an introvert. I have had to entertain myself most of my life, especially growing up an only child, so I am fine with staying in. I have a phone, computer, books to read, and craft projects to do. Would much rather be safe than sorry. I sure don't want this virus and I definitely don't want to be responsible for giving it to someone else.