Sunday, March 8, 2020


Have you ever had a dog that wasn't so bright?   Fiona and I were messaging each other and cracking up. 
Magnolia is pretty smart-- well, maybe.  But, she has a sister....
Scout is a youngster.  She loves bananas.  But,... Fiona said she isn't that bright.   Don't be upset with us.   We had a lot of fun with this line of thinking.   She said, "The cheese fell off the cracker."   She meant that Scout wasn't too smart.  😮
 My Scooterbug, welllll, he was not very bright.   As a puppy, he could get lost behind things-- like a piano.   He would just sit and wait,  knowing he would be found. 
Starlight was bright, but Scooterbug was a slow learner-- a very slow learner.   
Scooter was like that.  Sweetest dog ever.   Dumbest dog ever.   He was my rescue partner.  He accepted every dog that came to us for help.   He's been gone over five years now.  It's hard to believe.   We loved him, even though he would pee on the bathroom door.  LOL
Scout loves a spoon with food on it🤤✨  Scout loves to eat the food🤤
But, give Scout a naked spoon and she is terrified!   Can we say that Scout is not too bright? 

Fiona and I kept it up.  We said things like, "All the cookies are not in the jar.   He was behind the door when brains were handed out."   We were having fun.   We LOVE our dogs.  But, we accept that sometimes, our dogs aren't very smart.   Fiona said, "Smart dogs alarm me now- I'm so used to dim bulbs, bless them."   No matter how smart our dogs are, or how "not smart" they are-- we adore them.   Is your dog smart or not so smart. ❤️  Either way, have a happy Sunday! 

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Pekiegirl said...

OMG, I laughed at this because it’s so true! My first peke was sweet as they come but as you say, he was a few bricks short of a pile! Shami was very smart! He could pick out a toy we asked him to get. He was great at obedience and would retrieve better than any lab we had. Yoshi was somewhere between the two, but we loved him.