Saturday, March 21, 2020


Tara came into rescue in 2018. 
She was overjoyed to be rescued!
She needed major surgery when we got her into rescue-- she was so sweet, even with medical issues.
After she healed, she went to meet her new mom. 
She walked up the sidewalk like she knew this was her new home.
We think she was about 5 when we got her, and the vets agreed.   We never know for sure, but she was a younger dog.
Her adopter let us know that Tara passed away.  She was diagnosed with heart issues six months ago and began treatment.   But, her heart couldn't keep going.
It was such a shock because she was so young to have heart issues.   We are sad that she has left and we know her adoptive mom is devastated.   Tara, you were a sweet one.   Run and play now with a whole, happy heart.  💜


LadyJicky said...

So sad to hear of Tara but .... she had a loving home in the end and in "dog years" .. I guess that is long.
Hugs to Tara's Mum.

Expat Fledgling said...

I had a Tara when I first married. Sweetest puppy ever. But she was allergic to her vaccinations, & I lost her, I learned the hard way that some Pekes have that problem. After Shi Shi also had a reaction (& I gave her a dose of Benadryl that saved her) I learned to stay at the vets after immunizations until all were convinced of no reactions. I know Tara was blessed with love, how could she not be? Run free with my Tara, sweet baby!