Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Moxie is a sweet 12 year old Peke.
She was with a family who rescued her from another situation, but they couldn't keep her and they reached out to us.  And you know we love the older ones (and the young and the middle age).
Moxie is adorable. 
Her new "brother" Rocco (a PVPC alumni) is watching over her.
Moxie has some spine issues and may lose a little control, but she always tries to let you know.   It's okay, little one.  We know you're trying. 
She loves toys and running around the yard.  She gets along with everyone and her doggy friends have welcomed her to their home. 
She needs a dental, but it will have to wait some while so many vets are doing what they can and holding off on some things.  It's part of this pandemic we have, but don't worry, Moxie is fine.
She has blended right into her foster family and she can stay there as long as she needs to. 
I think she likes it there!  💜

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LadyJicky said...

Oh Linda .... she is very pretty!