Saturday, July 20, 2019


 King Wyatt is beginning to relax. 
 He had a little set back and was given some pain meds, but he's doing better.
 The daily baths (his foster home and I can commiserate on every single day sink time!) are helping. 
 He is settling in with people...
 He even crawled into bed with BG!!!   😓  Everyone held their breath!  BG (Bad Girl, Baby Girl, ___ Girl) can be a pistol and a pill, but she did fine. 
His foster moms said, "He’s learning new routines and meeting new family friends."
 He’s relaxing, he's eating well and becoming a happy and calm boy.  He is old, so we don't know how long he has, but it will be the best days, months or years of his life.  💙

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LadyJicky said...

Oh King Wyatt .... you are looking fine !

I am so glad to read he is eating and taking those baths and I pray he has some years for it will be filled with love and kindness.

Big Hugs from Yum Yum and I XXXX