Tuesday, July 16, 2019


 Genghis sits on his blue chair with his brother, Papageno/Big Boy next to him. 
 They have a "foster brother"--Harpo is probably there to stay LOL.   He's so adorable. 
Papageno had behavior issues when he came to them-- but is now on meds that have made all the difference in the world.   I know some people who don't want to medicate for issues and I don't understand why.  If it can give your dog more peace, go for it.   We don't know what these dogs have been through and sometimes, it helps to calm the mind down so they can relax and enjoy life.  And meds aren't always permanent.  Sometimes, the dogs just need a little help.
Genghis is so pretty.   His family fostered him and then TADA, they adopted him.
He has such an adorable face.
He loves to read...
and Lara (his human sister) take them all on so many adventures.  The farm, the Creamery, the woods.
They have been to the creek many times.   
 They went to the beach and Harpo had a blast!
 Papageno was helping to pack the car for an adventure.
 Genghis was also helping-- can't you tell!  😃
 These dogs are so loved.  The family adopted from us years ago and have continued to help us and give some an incredible life. 
Yes, they are happy dogs!! 


LadyJicky said...

Yes... you can tell they are all happy dogs!

Yum Yum was on Meds but we took him off them when things improved .
As you say Linda ... sometimes its needed for a little time and if it has to be "forever" then its better that a dog is calm and happy even if he has to take tablets all the time.

Lost Earring said...

If meds help then by all means give them help just as we humans need to accept help for various medical conditions.

Love The Genghis and Papageno Life Story. Good stories are always so great.