Monday, July 22, 2019


 Annabelle came into a shelter as a stray in 2012.  She was a tiny 8 pounder whose owner never claimed her. 
 Jojo was found outside a convenience store in a crate in 2011.  After he had been there for hours, they figured the owner wasn't inside, he wasn't there at all.   Both of these dogs were brought into our rescue and they were both adopted to the same wonderful home.   
 Annabelle and her tiny self is the boss there.  She definitely has an opinion and wants it heard.  But, when there is a thunderstorm, she knows it is coming.   Some dogs can sense a storm coming before we ever hear it.  I know my Piper will start trying to get close to me and get into my lap, putting his head under my arm.
 Both Annabelle and Jojo get anxious and their dad uses something recommended by their vet to help them stay calmer as the storm comes.   I've also used Thundershirts and white noise to block the sound. 
Jojo alerts his dad to coming storms.  Some dogs pace, or hide, or come to you for comfort.  They can try to find a safe place.   How does your dog react to storms?
Can Dogs Hear Thunder Miles Away? - Wag!


LadyJicky said...

Thankfully .... like all the peke's I have owned in my life (Yum is our 4th Peke) he does not mind them. Cannot tell when they come and when they do he is his happy self.
I do not draw attention to them and just treat it as normal.So .....we have been very lucky.

We have had other types of dogs over the years too ... Cairn Terrier, Pug , Pug x and Malt x and they did not react to thunderstorms either.

Like I say... we have been Very lucky.
The radio will tell you to batten down and make sure gates are closed for this is the time pounds and shelters are overrun with lost dogs sadly.

I think what ever you do ... thunder-shirts and those "Adaptil" diffusers you put in the plugs that send off calming smells ... if it works - I would keep doing it!!!

I really feel for the Fur Mum's out there as we worry so if our doggies are not happy and stressed.

Lost Earring said...

Bandit stays glued to my side and in fact, from about 2 a.m. onward he kept whining until I got up and sat with him while I drank coffee and read the news online. Now he's off to the vet for dental work and teeth cleaning. I'm a nervous wreck.

Mercer Meyer Mason VIII paces when he hears thunder but doesn't really seem upset at all. He just paces until we turn on the TV or some other noise to distract him.

Queen Willow doesn't care, she shores away and sleeps through everything.

We're still getting thunder and lighting and it's 7:30 a.m. so it's over 5 hours of thunder, some lightening and a bit of rain now.

I hope and pray that this is not too much for my boy Bandit at the vet's office ....storms and then strange people doing stuff to him. Dave is with him now but has to leave for work around 9 a.m.

LadyJicky said...

I hope your Bandit went well at the Vets Lost Earring !

Angela said...

Bella is a crazy nervous wreck when it rains hard!! So when there is a storm !!! Whew!!! She is panting and shaking and in my lap and so scared. Poor baby ... it really breaks my heart.