Wednesday, July 10, 2019


 Russell's (formerly Shakers) mom tagged me in some of his pictures.  I LOVE getting updates.
 You'd never know he was in such rough shape when we got him-- look at this sweet boy.
 He is so happy now.
 And his mom is happy, too!
 They go on so many adventures-- and Russell sometimes tires out, so he can ride.
 He was trying to hide.  Did you do something?  LOL
 Russell is one happy and beautiful boy now.   He has the perfect home.
 He cuddles when he's tired.
 And after a day of adventure, he curls up in his bed to keep an eye on things.
And then he gives up and goes to sleep.   Sweet Peke!! 

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LadyJicky said...

I am sorry I am late to this post !

Sometimes my computer is not working well an I post a comment but it does not go through to Linda :(

What a beautiful guy Russell is and I love that black around the nose area... so cute!!!