Saturday, July 6, 2019


I wrote about Potomac Valley Louie yesterday, but today is another Louie. 
Louie and his sister, Katie, were in the same foster home, and became good friends, even though they came from different shelters.   They were adopted together. 
Katie passed away in February of last year-- a beautiful girl and a huge loss.
Louie was sad for awhile, but he gets so much attention from his mom and dad...
 and he has a GREAT little human brother that adores him.
Louie was about 18 months when he came into rescue-- so that makes him about 9 years old now-- lots of fun years left!
He is adorable and some of the way he is "posing" just makes me smile.
He can have a very regal look.
He mom and I share Pekes and kids/grandkids in common-- so we are busy!
I love this one... He is asking himself, "How does my mom do it all?"   It's a mystery!
Louie is a much loved boy-- another wonderful PVPC alumni!

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LadyJicky said...

Louie is one handsome man !