Friday, July 19, 2019


 Willy was in a Virginia shelter this week.
 He was a stray and had a lot of health issues.
 He had glaucoma in one of his eyes, and couldn't see much in the other.
 His eye was removed because the pain of glaucoma is tough.
 He did well with the surgery and seemed to be a nice boy.
 He needed a place to be, and we could give him that.
 They dressed him up and gave him love.
 One of our volunteers went to get him.   Freedom ride!
 He was ready to leave the shelter.
He went to get a collar and leash and tomorrow he will go to his foster home from his temporary one.   Welcome to rescue, Willy. 


Michelle said...

Willy, you really lifted me this morning! Welcome to a beautiful forever!

Lost Earring said...

Just look at that "after rescue" photo of Willy laughing at his unexpected good luck at winning the Rescue Lottery.

So much love.

LadyJicky said...

Oh Willy .... you are such a brave boy and I am praying you get just the best Fur-Ever home real soon !

What pain he must have been in Linda and what a beautiful boy he is !
I just Love his colouring and the marks around his face ... lots of character there.

Why do people just abandon dogs I do not know.

Carol Lee said...

Prayers for a great rest of his life...