Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Layla had a home but her owner became very sick and Layla spent many months at the vet, hoping her owner would get better.  It didn't happen.   Her owner passed away and Layla had no one who was interested in her.  (The vet loves these old ones, but she has 13 special needs dogs, so she really wanted to find a home for Layla.)
You see, she was an old girl and she had a lot of medical issues.   Well, two people did want her.
Raymond passed away last week and his owners found out about this old, sweet girl.  Yes, they would give her a home and love her for as long as she had.   There's a lot of tail wagging going on!
When Layla walked in the house, she began to wag her tail--she knew she was home.  And she was.   I love those who will offer a senior dog a place to end their life, whether it is weeks, months or years.  Senior dogs need us.  They deserve to be loved and feel safe and be cared for.  So. THANK YOU to Raymond's parents who said YES to Layla.  She is such a lucky girl.  And so are her new mom and dad!


LadyJicky said...

Oh I am just so happy for Layla!

Her new family are Peke Angels :)

Chrissy F. said...

I love this so much! �� So glad she's home!

Lost Earring said...

Love her name and her happy story. There are some wonderful adopters among us who have room in their hearts AND their homes for little seniors like Layla.

They are indeed very special people.

JessicaE said...

Sweet Layla has a home with someone who loves her! This is wonderful news!!!And I love the pictures of her with her different hats. She is a Doll