Thursday, February 23, 2017


 Coltrane came into rescue almost 3 years ago.  He looks like a mini St. Bernard.
 He is so cute!  Here he is with Chance, his foster brother while he was still in foster care.  Chance was a great "big brother."   (He is very long suffering haha.)
 Coltrane hurt his back and had surgery and he's doing great.
 Norton went to be Coltrane's foster brother, so now Coltrane is the big brother.  He was giving Norton advice here and letting him know he was safe and loved.
 Norton relaxed and fell asleep-- so he must have believed Coltrane.
 Yes, Norton is a happy boy!
 Thank you, Coltrane (and your mom and dad of course) for being such a good big brother (even if you are the younger one).
Coltrane and Norton are enjoying a warm winter day-- we are having a lot of those and loving it!


LadyJicky said...

They are so cute and sweet together!
Warm winter days are great .... we are very hot at the moment.

Lost Earring said...

Coltrane and Norton has made this a great morning and a real pick-up before watching the news. Or afterward for that matter.

Amy Devine said...

Love these two boys! They are lucky indeed to have such a great mommy.

Kam Hitchcock said...

Damn. He does look exactly like a St. Bernard. Great story.