Tuesday, September 1, 2020


Wow. It’s September!   (If you give your heartworm preventative on the first of the
Month, today is the day.)
 I told my friends on Facebook that I was doing a four day Virtual conference w Keith and Kristyn Getty.  They are modern day hymn writers and their music is so soothing and uplifting.  So, I’m not on line as much but of course, the dogs, home and grandkids still need to be cared for.  And Matt and I and the Grandbits and our daughter sit and have dinner together.   I’ve just added something into my schedule and I’m so glad I did.   Zoey isn’t being neglected.  She’s right w me as we listen. She is NOT a dog who wants to be alone.
 Paddington and Piper are still our street police.  But, if anyone tries to break in, they’ll be met w song and Pekingese.
And when I go to bed, w Zoey close by, I have hymns singing in my head.  The best!!

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LadyJicky said...

Music sure calms us ...... dogs too!