Thursday, September 10, 2020


Chumley came into rescue over five years ago.  Boy, was he in rough shape.  Hair missing, skin infected, ears a mess.  
But, he was so sweet!!   My granddaughter saw him, and cried that he might be adopted-- so we kept him.  
We think he's about 14-15 now.   He is deaf, but still happy.   He's battled HGE (see previous blog on this) five times.   So, when it began again, I immediately began  meds and fluids.   
He had another flare up last week, a week after the last one, so he went back in.  While there, the vet noticed that he had a mass in his mouth.   It wasn't there when he had his dental three months ago.   We ran bloodwork.
It showed that Chumley is anemic and his white count is high.  He has had three full blood panels this year.   All my dogs get bloodwork every year, at least once a year at their yearly check up.   But, if they are sick, we do it again.   
The mass in his mouth is growing, over the size of a blue berry and spreading out.   It could be an infection or it could be cancer.  
Next Tuesday, he will have surgery to have the mass removed and sent off for a biopsy.  We hope it's just an infection that we can treat.   Chumley is a sweet boy, who loves his toy dumbell, and his kids.   We hope this will all be fixable.  (If you're wondering why we are waiting, it's to make sure he is stable from the HGE and he is already on meds now.)

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LadyJicky said...

Yum Yum and I are praying for little Chumley to get a good result from his Op next week and that he is feeling much better real soon !!!

XXX for the "Chum" !!!