Wednesday, September 9, 2020


Charlie came to us in 2017, a neglected boy with multiple problems.  (This is an after picture.)
He was heartworm positive and had horrible teeth.   He was matted and sad looking, but...
He wanted to be helped.
Lisa took him in as a foster and helped him to heal.   Barbara helped with him, too, evaluating and helping set up a plan for his care.
He went through heartworm treatment.  He had a massive dental to help his mouth get better.   
And Martha adopted him and he had love...
and soft comfy beds to get in.  Or to get behind. 😊
Last week, he suddenly went down hill and began seizing.   His mom was devastated that she lost him.   We were told he was 8 years old when he came to us, but we know he was older.   His last years were full of love and good food and safety and comfort.   Thank you, Martha for giving him a wonderful home!  


Unknown said...

Rip Charlie, and thank you Martha for showing him the love he so deserved. 🐾🧑

Lost Earring said...

Another one saved and given a life of love and comfort different from the neglect they experienced before rescue. And there are the ones who were loved but lost the home due to the death of their human, or to financial misfortune.

That's what rescue is about, saving those in need.

LadyJicky said...

Hugs to you Martha as I know you will really miss Charlie .
Charlie had love and gave love .

Cathy Marinacci said...

Charlie was my mom's dog. He was a quirky old man who liked things his way. Mom made sure he was happy. He had comfy beds and blankets (lots of them), amazing food, great haircuts, and a a nice yard to explore. Most importantly, he was greatly loved by mom and he knew it. He was a gift.