Wednesday, September 9, 2020


Applesauce has been in his new home for over two and a half months.  Can it be that long?

He is so sweet and he runs to the door to greet visitors.   He barks at them and is so excited that they have come to see him.  (It's can't be his mom they've come to see, haha.)  

His mom said, " He is such a sweet boy.  He is so loving.   It's so cute when he wants to get in my lap when he's on the couch or rests his head on my arm/leg.   Everyone that sees Applesauce thinks he is an adorable "puppy."
His favorite thing is eating.  He always licks his bowl clean and can hardly wait for his meals.   He has some favorite toys and he lets his mom know if they've rolled under a chair.  That means, SHE gets to retrieve it.   Or maybe he will.  
He loves to snooze on the couch during the day and is very comfortable-- his feet up in the air!  He had another hair cut, but with winter coming, who knows if it will be as short.   I know he will have a warm wardrobe though.   He has sure changed his mom's life for the better!  It's love all around.     


LadyJicky said...

Oh Applesauce - you have hit the jackpot!!

Its just so nice to see and read a wonderful fur adoption!

XXX from the Aussies !

Lillian said...

Applesauce is adorable. It's wonderful to know he's in such a loving and caring home. Thanks, Linda, for all the amazing work you do, connecting dogs and humans.

Lost Earring said...

So happy to see an update on little Applesauce. He is a cutie and I love him running to the door, having his Momma get his toys and licking his bowl clean.

So great to see how the little rescues find happiness in the rescue lottery.