Wednesday, February 15, 2012


This little man belongs to Essie. He came from a shelter in NC, and then was passed around in a family. There were some small children who mistreated him, so he came to live with Essie.

He is a sweet one who gets along with her dogs and is learning that toys are good things. (So many dogs we get don't have a clue about toys.)

He is housetrained and is blending right in with his new home. He is only 3-4 years old, so he has many years to live a happy life.


lady jicky said...

I am sending Positive Adoption vibes for Miles!!

Doris Sturm said...

He's adorable and I'm glad he's in the proper home now. Many Pekes don't tolerate children for that reason...they do not like to be misused or tormented. I don't blame them. Children should be supervised and taught how to treat animals properly and foremost with love, kindness and respect!

My Weezie doesn't do toys! It takes a lot of coaxing for her to want to chew on one and then it has got to be a small plush one, not rubber...non of my dogs ever liked rubber toys! I think Romeow the cat is more inclined to chew on one of those ;-) but then he's a silly kitten and doesn't know much LOL