Thursday, February 2, 2012


My dogs (mine and fosters) love to go outside on the Pekingese Pathway.

However, Starlight told me what she thought of that idea. Are you sticking your tongue out at me?

The dogs have a big yard to run around, but they love to walk on the pathway. Even a new dog will quickly discover this path and go right to it. I actually got them all (except Starlight!) lined up on it-- I did not plan this. Can you really see me doing this on purpose? Can you see them cooperating? I didn't think so.

Scooter, Odin, Cranberry, Max, and Kai Kai were lined up, just as if they were posing for me.

They even sat there while I continued to take pictures! Miracles do happen.

Are you awake, Scooter? I think you are fading there. He's ten years old now-- maybe he was taking a nap.

I think Cranberry is bored with the whole thing. And Kai has definitely had it and is coming inside. Are you coming, too, Max? Let's go!


lady jicky said...

Oh hell Linda !!!

Who could leave a PINK BED???? LOL

Jamie said...

love this!!!!