Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Today is Valentine's Day. I'm sure they have that in Australia, too-- right, Melinda?

We all want you to have a wonderful one! Cranberry says Happy Valentine's Day!

Starlight does, too-- but don't touch her. ;-)

Odin is giving his toy a big Valentine's hug!!

And Beach Bit is giving a Valentine's smile.

Max, Scooter and Kai Kai want to come out on Valentine's. But, they just have to watch us out the front door.

Last, but not least, our visitors (until they are over kennel cough) areLolli-pop and Beau-Beau. We all wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!!

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lady jicky said...

Yes , we have Valentines Day too and when my hubby took the girls for their nightly walk Moi Moi was looking out for this old pug x that she likes .... as my hubby said "Moi is hoping he has some flowers and a box of chocolates for her "

Sadly - he was not around last night . I wonder if he has a new "chick" ????? LOL