Saturday, February 4, 2012


Latte wanted me to put more pictures-- he was on yesterday's blog, but he didn't think I put enough. He's a pretty boy with a sweet personality.

He didn't look so good when we first got him-- straight from a shelter. But, love and care and good food do a lot! Latte is food aggressive, and his foster mom Jeanne is working on that.

He can relax, or run around the yard with the other dogs.

He can also veg on the couch with a toy and a blanket. That's where I'd like to be, too.

Oh, that look is getting to me-- I think he wants some attention. :-) I also think he's getting plenty of that-- but he's like it to be from a forever home. Is he the one for you?


lady jicky said...

Latte should meet my Moi Moi - they could be food aggressive together! Well..... Miss Moi is on a diet and it gets to a girl !!!

Michael Roane said...

When you say food aggressive, do you mean he goes after other dogs, or humans?...