Sunday, February 26, 2012


Anna, our Peke friend in New York, has some very special dogs. They are special because they are hers, but they're also special because of health needs. Bucky, above, has many medical issues. He has diabetes, but his mom is very careful to keep him sugar levels right. He has some arthritis now, but his heart and lungs are doing great. He came in as a foster and never left-- it was the best place he could be. His parents also adopted a blind Peke, Suzy-Q, from a shelter in NY.

They adopted Butters (Scotty Butters) from us. Do you put sun screen on his nose before long summer walks? :-)

Anna sent me a picture of Bugz. His owner died and Anna asked her friend to foster him. They fell in love with him and he's home to stay. I think he knows it and is very comfortable there! He and Willy Wonton (Anna's other Peke) sometimes go for walks together. He was named this because of his big eyes, but he's sound asleep now, so we'll have to wait for another picture to see him. Sleep tight, little one!

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lady jicky said...

What a lovely person !!

Oh Linda, you know I have this special spot for Scotty Butters!!
If he lived in Australia I would have to put sunscreen on him and a hat!!

*very hot here - been over 100f for two days and they say its going to be the same tomorrow with a thunderstorm in the evening! I do hope so !!