Tuesday, February 14, 2012


It's Mr. Winks' birthday! He has a baeutiful birthday cake-- but he didn't actually get any because he has so many allergies. Poor Winks!

It was all decorated with a candle to celebrate one year!

Mr. Winks sent me an email! Here is it:

Hello Miss Linda,
My Birthday is today and my Mom made me a cake a double layer chocolate cake with chocole buttercream icing, but I couldn't eat it since I have food allergies.

I got to blow out the candle even though I couldn't have any.
But guess what-- she got me some treats from a special store it was something that I could eat.

They even sang Happy Birthday to me. I got a new toy for my birthday too, It is a lady bug and I like to make it squeak.

My Daddy gave me a brushing this morning to make me pretty for my special day. :)

..Lacy and Lafite got to have some of my special treat too.I think they liked it. I know I did. It is a special yogurt cup and we can have some more tomorrow Mom says.

It was a good day, I even got to play in the snow some. Daddy played ball with me, I like it when he chases me around the yard. I can run faster than he can. heheh!

I just wanted to share my day with you, I can't wait to see you at the "peknic" in April. And now I'll go hang out on the couch and rest. Having birthdays is fun, but they wear you out!

And my friends, Lacy and Lafite are joining me. I think we're all tired.
Big Paw hugs,

Mr. Winks/Boodah

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lady jicky said...

Happy Birthday Mr Winks from your friends in Australia - Moi Moi (who has allergies too ) and Coco who has to go on a special low fat diet for life .

You are not alone Mr winks in the eating department :(