Friday, March 10, 2017


 Duke came into rescue in February.  We do not feel he came from a very kind home-- so we weren't sure how trusting he would be.
 Once he felt safe, he became very loving.   Here he is curled up on a lap.  He LOVES it.
 Oreo had been adopted, but there was a personality conflict for him, so he came back to us.
 He melted right back into his foster home and he adores his foster parents.
 He loves snuggling and ...
 belly rubs with his "sister."
 Oreo even let a friend hold him.   He does not trust everyone, and we'd like to see him adopted so that he is near his foster family.
 Oreo and Duke have become such good friends and they play all day long.  They could even be adopted together.    A home near Richmond, VA would be great.   They both definitely need a playmate.
To show you how far Duke has come, and how much fun he and Oreo have, just click on this video.

 They are such good dogs-- they just need a loving home that will give them the love and stability they need.   You can email me at if you have questions.   The foster mom would want to have you visit at her home with your dog/dogs to see how they do.   (Only approved applicants, which includes vet and home checks first.   Applications are on our web site at Click here: Potomac Valley Pekingese Club - Online Application adopt)
Duke is a sweet boy who just needs a patient owner who can give him lots of love.

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