Thursday, March 16, 2017


 Starlight heard that there were blizzards in our country-- but this picture was not this week.   She just wanted to show her Peke friends that she is with them in spirit.
 Starlight has actually been learning new things.  She is over 12 now, and has NEVER been a jumper.
 But, somehow, she jumped on this stool.   In all the years I've had her, she's never done this.
 Usually, she is at ground level, sitting or playing with her girl, Sugar Bit.
 But then, she jumped on the dishwasher-- I think she was hoping there was a morsel left over.   Sorry girl, I rinse my dishes.
 So, it was back playing with Sugar Bit.
 And then, one day a few weeks ago, she jumped on this little stool.  That was unusual,
 Floyd asked her how she did it.
 But, then, a miracle-- she jumped from the stool to the chair.  What??!
 She was so proud of herself!  Of course, she could not get down.
 I don't know why she wants to move up in the world, but I guess she does.   I got this little trampoline at the consignment store for children that I go to-- and Starlight thought it was for her!
I guess she's taking over!   Of course, she's been doing that for years.


LadyJicky said...

I think she has gone NUTS in her old age Linda!!!!!! LOL

Lost Earring said...

ADORABLE. She looks like she also enjoys a ritual my Queen Willow enjoys, digging a nest in my husbands recliner seat. We had to put a large bath towel over the seat because she has opened a small hole in the seat.