Sunday, March 12, 2017


You all know I have a soft spot for the senior and special need Pekes.  Some are that way because of health issues.  Some are that way because of neglect or abuse.  Oreo above, was sorely neglected.
My Kai Kai lost his vision due to glaucoma, cataracts, and he's still my spoiled boy.
Oreo was dropped off at a shelter and was underweight and had eyes in bad condition.
His eyes could not be saved, so like my Kai Kai, both were removed.
Oreo is about 6-7 now and like most dogs, he has rallied to his new life's situation.  His hearing is fine, and that overcomes a lot.  A loving, patient owner is the biggest part of this adjustment.
Oreo has a fabulous home and is the sweetest, most patient boy you could meet.   Being part of the Blind Dog Club isn't a chosen membership-- but these dogs show the tremendous ability of dogs to overcome adversity and rise above it.  Kai Kai and Oreo are great examples of little beautiful dogs who have done this.   Oreo, tell your mom to give you a hug from me and Kai Kai!!
(If you have a blind dog, be sure to share their picture and story on facebook for me-- and give yourself a hug for being a great owner!)


Michelle Hill said...

Precious Linda, I am in tears as I see our boys together- beautifully captured by your perfectly chosen words. They are blind but see with their hearts, different but certainly not less. We send our liove and a hug back to you and beloved Kai Kai. ❤️

LadyJicky said...

Oh , they are just so special!!

My Mum had her operation and she is now staying at my home for a week.In about a month we will see the results of the biopsy of her nerve and if they doctors can find a drug that will work for her. Mum was diagnosed with neuropathy.
So .... I am "back on board" Linda :)