Wednesday, March 8, 2017


 Mazie was adopted from us and is such a little star.
 She has helped her mom on many occasions-- she was helping with the spring garden a few years ago.   But, she has expanded her talents!  Now, she is a  rap star.  She sent me a rap song she wrote. Her talents just have no end!!   Here you go!
Ya’ll, my Name is Mazie
They say I’m pretty lazy
But I say life is sweet,
All I do is eat, poop and sleep!

A dog’s life is ruff,
But I do lots of stuff!
Hey hound doggy,
My dog food is soggy!
 I’m gonna sit on my feet,
Till they give me a treat!
What, what am I sniffing butt?
Butt, butt, what you mean butt?
Nap time, Nap time,
It’s better than rap time!
Just ‘cause I wanna sleep,
Don’t mean that I’m weak!
I chase and I pace,
Got no need to race!

I’m of the mind,
When I whine, I shine!
Beg, beg, what a drag,
 But I gotta give a hoot till they give me some loot!
Tinkle, tinkle near and far,
You gotta let the dogs know where you are!
I stop and do my poopy,
And my mom does a scoopy,
It only goes to show
That humans are really goofy!
If they treat me nice,
I’ll go poop once, maybe twice!

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