Monday, March 6, 2017


  Maddox came into rescue in February, 2017.  He came from a neglectful situation and was a little timid, but he soon realized he was safe.   
 Maddox was not housetrained (he had been left outside a lot or isolated in a basement), so he wears a belly band, just in case.   He has picked up on going to the door when he needs to go out and he doing very well.   He would do best in a home where someone can let him out during the day.
 He had a dental when he was neutered and all his bloodwork showed he is in good health.  He is a seven year old beauty who is learning to play and when you get his leash out, he gets very excited.   He loves car rides, too.    He can be a little picky when he eats, but we don't know what his past was and he has improved a lot.  He looks like he is enjoying this meal.  YUM.
 Maddox has been through a lot, but he just wants a lot of love.   He loves his comfy doggy beds and is very sweet.
 Maddox is available for adoption now.   If you are interested, please email or put in an application at:    Vet and home checks will be done before a meeting can be set up.  

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