Saturday, March 11, 2017


Sophie was my foster girl and she has the BEST home now.  She's blind, but you would never know it.  She was probably born this way, so it's her normal.  She does find time to get into trouble though.  How can they do that when they can't see-- no problem!!   I think you made a big mess, Miss Sophie.
She has one small eye and a "regular eye" but is non visual in both.  Her world is just fine.   I found this poem on blind dogs-- they do just fine.  They do better than we would do.   So, don't feel sorry for Sophie-- or my Kai Kai.  They world is full of comfort, snuggles, good food and lots of love!

"Welcome To My World"
I live in a world of darkness as you all know,
But please do not feel sorrow or woe,
Although this thing I have is called blind,
I can see all that you do in my mind.
She takes me for miles of walks,
And as we make our way she just talks,
Of all the wonders that are alive,
So that as I trot along I can see and thrive.
I know the grasses are soft and lush,
Even hear the singing song thrush,
She often says "hey Lily what would be your wish"
I have it, I can swim just like a fish.
Life is for living is what she always says,
And I do, I fill my heart with warm summer days,
Dancing and prancing just having fun,
All because of a person called "mum".
As we make our way through the lush grasses for home,
I bounce and dance as I freely run and roam,
Often I will hear the old trees groan and creak,
And no-more do I hear folk call me a freak.
It was sometimes hard but I have proved,
That even the hardest folk can be moved,
To see me stand ten feet tall,
As I listen and come to her funny old call.
So you see darkness might be all I see,
But I am "Lily" blind and free,
To just go out there and try,
Living my dream and reaching the sky.
Woofy woofs

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Lost Earring said...

My eyes are filled with tears but not of sadness, the beautiful poem and the lovely Sophie story was such an upper.

Thank you Linda for your dedication to bringing these stories to us.