Wednesday, March 29, 2017


 Furby came into rescue with Baby Girl and Rocky.
 He was born in December of 2004, so he is 12 years old.
 Furby was not cared for well-- he has a lot of skin issues (nothing contagious).
 Furby enjoys his buddies-- he has on a special e-collar to keep him from chewing.  (I later found that he could get around it.)
 He likes comfy places and being with Rocky is better.
 His left eye never developed, so it's a tiny one.  He had a bad right eye when he came to us last week, but with two types of drops, it is SO much better.  He is seeing enough to get around and likes to be where I am.  He will follow me everywhere.
 I don't know if Furby can hear.  I am still evaluating him.  He is not aggressive and just likes to hang out and enjoy the day.   He found Starlight's bouncy seat and climbed in.  I wonder what she thought of that!
If you have in your heart to save a senior who just needs a place to be, he just might be your little man.   You can see our adoption application on:  Click here: Potomac Valley Pekingese Club - Online Application adopt  This little boy (well, not so little at 20 pounds, but he's on smaller portions for awhile), has not had good care, but it sure did not effect his sweet temperament.
THIS MORNING:  Furby had a bounce in his step and was happy and excited.  I think this one is going to surprise us all!!

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LadyJicky said...

Dear old Furby .... what a cutie he is and I am so happy the eye is getting better and I know his skin will too with all your help!

I lovely senior for someone who just wants a Peke to cuddle!!!! They keep you warm :)