Monday, March 5, 2018


Our annual picnic is coming up soon  - May 5! 
We had sketches and paintings donated and many will be for sale at our picnic. 
They come in various sizes and are not framed.   
 Some have matting, some don't.
 Nancy Ross did all these-- she did the Peke cards we sold before Christmas.
 She is so talented!!
 Her pictures are just beautiful.
 She used her own Pekes as models.
This one reminds me of Lexie, who I fostered while she battled IMHA.   (Will it show up at the picnic-- I'm not sure!)
Some of the paintings/sketches are whimsical.
Some show the Peke spirit.
They are all wonderful pictures.
So, if you want one, come to the picnic!  They will have first dibs on them.
Sweet pictures.
I love this one with the snow globe in it.   
Time to celebrate!
Angels.  Aren't Pekes ALWAYS angels?  lol
We will set them up so you can see them at the picnic.
Nancy has been so generous to us-- amazingly so!
So, come to the picnic!  Here's the link for our picnic. 

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LadyJicky said...

I do hope you have a lot of people at your picnic this year!!