Monday, March 19, 2018


Nala and BeeBee came into rescue 2 months ago.   We found out quickly they had seizure disorders.
BeeBee's are being controlled with twice a day phenobarbital and I'm so happy!   Starlight had a seizure disorder and we were able to completely control hers.   She took a dose of phenobarbital twice a day, and never had another seizure after her first 3 days in ICU bout.
Nala's seizures are cluster seizures, which are more intense.  She needs help coming out of them.  I guess in the past, she was able to come out of them, but it must have been hours of seizing first.  I feel badly for her that she never had help.    Cluster Seizures in Dogs
We are keeping records of when they occur.   The vet also keeps records.
In spite of her seizures, Nala and BeeBee are the sweetest dogs.  They love the grandbits.  Especially Nala!
They are so cute together.
They love little balls and toys.
They are compassionate with the other dogs.  BeeBee no longer seems to need to be "bossy BeeBee."
Nala has had more visits to the vet than BeeBee and they monitor her closely.   When she finds a forever home, they will need to have access to care if she has a seizure.   Hopefully, over time, we can find her "med cocktail" and she won't have any more.  We have done blood tests and glucose tests-- we have not done an MRI to see if she has a tumor.  Those tests are very expensive.  And if it was a brain tumor, we would not be doing brain surgery.   So, we try to find what meds work for her.  Since both girls have seizures, they are probably hereditary and their mom/dad probably had a seizure disorder also.  (Backyard breeders will breed unhealthy dogs. :-( )
BeeBee tells Nala-- don't worry!!  We will be just fine!   If you would like to donate to their care, make it out to the Starlight Fund with Nala's name on it.   Thanks!!

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LadyJicky said...

I send prayers to Nala that the Vet can find the right meds for her .

They are both so sweet!