Friday, March 2, 2018


 Chumley came to our family 3 1/2 years ago.  One of my granddaughters absolutely fell in love with him.   Chumley was a very "allergy" dog, needing special care, food, meds.... Not a cheap dog haha
 He love love loves his dumbell toy.  Oh my.  I had to buy extras in case one got lost.
 He loves his Bits.  He should have been named Happy. 
 The last few weeks, Chumley has not eaten well, has thrown up, and just not wanted to play as much.  I took him into the vet at least four times over the last few weeks.   Most of the bloodwork was good, but we did more extensive testing.    (Including a test for Addison's, which was negative.)
 He had been to the vet three times when on Wednesday, he suddenly was very sick.   He was dehydrated, not eating, bleeding rectally. (He's in a doggy stroller, to keep him more comfortable.)
 They took me right back when I got to the vet.  Chumley needed care.
 He had to stay several days-- I might bring him home today, we'll see.   He has been diagnosed with HGE-- notice the word hemorrhage in this.  Without immediate care, a dog can die. 
Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis in Dogs - Bloody Diarrhea in Dogs | petMD
 He was put on IVs (he had to have an e-collar because he wanted to chew on the IV line) and fluids and meds.   
 I visited him yesterday and he had an orange blanket on him and was excited to see me.   I kept it short because I did not want to stress him too much.  Even though they love us, seeing us can be very exciting for them, and not necessarily good for them.
 While there, in the "hospital room" I saw the tremendous, sensitive care the vet tech was giving another patient.  It was so tender and loving and she spoke to him in a sweet way, to soothe him as she cared for him.  I was amazed, impressed and touched.  I knew she was doing the same for my Chumley.   
We hope Chumley can come home today-- and continue his care here.   We miss our sweet, happy boy. 

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LadyJicky said...

Oh dear... the more I read the more I am worried. I am so glad you have a diagnoses but its still such a worry .
Linda .... praying for Mr Chumley and I hope this is just a " once of " sort of thing for him.
I read all that notice about Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis- I learn something everyday from Must Love Pekes..... and today - sadly (if you know what I mean)
I wonder.... if he can have probiotics for the stomach and bowel when he is much better and if that would help????
Give him a Big Aussie hug for me :)