Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hurry Hurry!

I love male Pekes. I know they can mark, until they learn NOT to do that. It's okay outside, but not inside.
But, I think the males are so sweet and devoted. I know, I know, females can be, too. Like DiDi-- I had to put that in there for Jeanne. :-)
Oscar is a sweetheart! Look at those eyes!

I just received a picture-- I thought it was too funny not to share. It's not about Pekingese, it's about boy dogs. You know, the markers. And outside, they want to mark everything-- bushes, trees, fences. You name it, they'll mark it.
But, getting in line to mark??? :-) Somebody did a great job of posing these dogs-- or photoshopping!


lady jicky said...

Kenzo will "mark" on his walks but when he is in his own backyard - Kenzo "lady pee's" !!!! LOL

cby said...

What are ways to teach a male not to mark indoors?

Linda said...

Consistency is the key to getting a male to go OUT and not in. Make sure they are neutered. If they are tough learners, put a belly band on them in the house (not to tight though) and take it off when you let them out. I take a Peke out at least once an hour when I'm working on housetraining. And praise! They love praise!

lady jicky said...

I can get Kenzo to pee on command. I trained him as a new pup and I am working on Moi (I got her at 5yrs old) and I think I can get her to pee on comand too now. Sometimes we have a "miss".
This is what I do cby . You march them out to the backyard and in your sweet baby voice go "little pee, little pee" and when they do pee - be prepared to do this for a while for they do not know what "little pee" means yet . Well when they pee or poo you go "GOOD BOY, GOOD BOY (OR GIRL) AND THEN GIVE THEM A BIG HUGE AND A DOG LOLLIE. You make a fuss in such a manner as one trainer I read on the internet said (see, good for some things!:)) behave as if they have pee'd or poo'd a Gold Brick!!!! You have to be that excited!!! This is so they connect it with a good thing!!
It works but I have to wonder what my neighbours think when I am up early in the morning in winter with the tourch and singing out "Little pee, Little Pee!!" Good boy Kenzo , good girl Moi Moi!!! LOL, LOL