Saturday, March 20, 2010

Douggy-- New Lessons

With each foster dog, I learn something new. It might be small. I've gained a lot of medical knowledge from the dogs. Sometimes, more than I want to know.
When Douggy came into rescue, he was pretty sick. He needed breathing treatments twice a day.

So, to the vet I went-- twice a day. I am not a "get up and go" person. I get up early, feed dogs, have my coffee, read the paper, have some quiet time, check my emails-- and then I might think about getting dressed. But, going to the vet early every day totally threw that schedule out the window.

My vet said she would loan me her nebulizer and I could just do it at home. (I love my vet clinic!) Douggy was so good with the treatment. He would just lay beside me as I blew the misted air into his face, to soothe and heal his sinuses, throat, lungs. What a great dog he is. He would actually fall asleep!

And he's so much better. He found this child's chair in my foyer. It has a Pekingese afghan on it. He loves to get on chairs. And even though this one is small, he decided to try it out.

I think it fits him just fine.


lady jicky said...

I think Mr Douggy is just the best boy and I would love to have him living in my home with Kenzo (I think they would be best mates) and Moi Moi who would another peke in the house to gang up on Kenzo!

ME said...

Linda, I have a nebulizer from Gracie that we never hooked up. It's yours if you want it! Call me. Thanks for all the wonderful things you do to take care of these dogs.

cby said...

I don't think there isn't anything you wouldn't do for improving the quality of Pekingese, life!

You are an inspiration to us all, to practice our compassion. Douggy is an inspiration to us in the patience department. :)

Linda said...

Thank you! I would love the nebulizer-- then I can do the treatments myself and save a lot of money.

claudine hellmuth said...

So glad Douggy is feeling better!